Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.

Zakk and Justin Chronicles

The Zakk and Justin Chronicles is a spin-off of Mr Binkee’s Class and a remake of an older 3dmm series. The series is about the two characters from the Binkee universe always trying to one up each other. Or at least, Zakk is the one trying to gain the upper-hand. The Justin character is apparently oblivious to everything around him.

When designing the series I think I wanted to animate gruesome death sequences which I was hoping would translate into humor. The problem is the idea just wasn’t that interesting. Basically, it was like the road runner in the coyote except without any of the charm. Or humor for that matter.

The only episode that seems to be decent is the last one. But that’s because it acts like a regular Binkee episode. I only worked on the series for about a year before giving up. It was obvious from the get-go it wasn’t a great idea. But it is a part of my history and deserves to be showcased here for everyone to observe.

Just know, it’s not my greatest achievement.