Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.

Walken World

Walken World is the spiritual successor to 2007's Walk'n with Walken, featuring the talents of Josh Nichols as the voice and writer behind Christopher Walken and Randy Newman.

The series entered production in the spring of 2018. At first the project started as a fun revival idea using old unused scripts from Walk'n with Walken. But as time went on it became clear that it was best to create new adventures and assets, breaking out of the old "walking formula".

The result is Walken World. A series that encompasses a bunch of mini series, or at least that's the idea. As of this writing only three clips have been produced. But I am optimistic production will keep rolling and the mini series formula will be fully realized.

Since the writing and acting is more on Josh's end, I have been concentrating on the look and feel of the show. With the help of Jimmy Mills, we have created characters and environments that add new tricks to our repertoire while keeping elements that made the old series funny.

The goal for this project was to create something new with an old friend and have fun. That's already been done. If you like it, even better!