Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.


Cartoon assets, pre-made animations, books and courses all available for purchase.




Yuck! What is that? Oh man, it's a roach! Yes, that's right! Now you can have your very own roach in YOUR cartoon for less than a dollar! How is it even possible? We don't ask those questions.

Your purchase includes the asset in three file formats:

.Svg is an editable vector based file that can be imported into software like Illustrator, Inkscape, Animate and After Effects.

.Png is a raster image with a transparent background. It can be used in animation and video editing software.

.Moho is a Moho project file. If you have access to Moho Pro 12 or higher, you can open the file like an .svg and edit what you need. Moho projects can then be exported in any file type you wish.

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