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Rigging and Recording in Adobe Character Animator

Rigging and Recording in Adobe Character Animator


Released: Oct 2018
Publisher: Udemy
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Learn how to effectively rig and animate a puppet inside of Adobe Character Animator! With the use of your video camera, microphone and custom behaviors, you can create unique rigs that can be used for business presentations, entertainment and more! Become an animator with no prior knowledge!

More specifically, in this course, you will learn how to:

  • Layout a Photoshop character for Adobe Character Animator import

  • Tag layers for lip syncing and facial behaviors

  • Add special handles such as draggers to allow interactivity with the mouse

  • Create triggers for hide-able layers

  • Create Swap Sets for multi-phase layers

  • Auto lip sync in the application

  • Lip sync using external audio

  • Edit recorded actions

  • Work with backgrounds

  • Work with multiple puppets

  • Export animations through Adobe Media Encoder