Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.

Other Tutorials


Other Tutorials

Over the course of nine years I have created several tutorials covering a wide range of software.  For your reference, I have included links to other profile pages of mine that contain tutorials not found on this site.

My current focus is authoring for Toon Files and Udemy. I am no longer authoring for the companies below (save for the occasional YouTube tutorial). However, a lot of this content is still being viewed today and should still be useful for any creative task that you are facing.



Adobe Tutorials on Pluralsight

I have created over 20 courses for Train Simple and Pluralsight.  Software covered includes: After Effects, Premiere, Animate CC, Character Animator, Speedgrade, Story and more.  Click the button below to view all my Pluralsight courses.


Moho, iOS and Android courses on VTC

The Virtual Training Company (VTC) is where I first started producing premium courses. Here you will find a small selection of tutorials covering Adobe Flash, Moho, iOS, Android and more!


Free Tutorials on YouTube

I started authoring free tutorials on YouTube back in 2008. While these tutorials are older and lack polish, they are still utilized by many people. If you're looking to learn some basics and don't mind amateur mistakes in the presentation, feel free to search through over 200 tutorials on the old Incredible Tutorials YouTube Channel!