Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.

Mr. Binkee's Class

Mr. Binkee's Class was the first 2D animation series I ever produced. Using Flash 5, an old book and my manic brain, I plunged into the world of animation... and mostly fumbled. The result was Mr. Binkee's Class.

Mr. Binkee is based off an old teacher of mine. The misadventures he and his students have are really just... bizarre. But beyond that, it's random, goofy fun. Basically, I tried to make the teacher I was puzzled by in real life to be a likable, fun guy.

This series is also based off an older series I created in Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker. Trust me. that one isn't any better in terms of quality.

Simply put, this series just isn't good by today's standards (and let's face it, 2002 standards). But I firmly believe in preservation and showcasing the progress of work. I wasn't always at good animation. There was a point in my life where things were simpler. And this series reflects that. 

I hope you enjoy its simplicity.