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Mario and Friends!

Mario and Friends (previously titled Red Streak Plays...) is a video game parody series focusing on Mario and Master Chief. Other characters join the fun through the eight episode romp, adding variety and references.

The idea for the series was to focus on video game characters playing video games and having outlandish incidents occur due to that. The final episode, Master Chief Goes Broke, deviated from this formula and allowed the characters to face the real world.

All the characters have their quirks and are different than their official counterparts. Mario is nothing but a fat, cigar smoking, beer chugging abuser. Master Chief is quiet and calm, even when shit is going down (okay, maybe he's not too different). Luigi is an emotional wreck due to all the abuse Mario gives him. Kirby is apparently a drug addicted psychopath.

I did the episodes pretty quick. The first seven were produced and showcased on Winky Dink Media's YouTube Channel between November and December 2014. The last episode premiered a year later in November 2015. The series was labeled under Red Streak Entertainment and my pen name, Denis Burr. I did this to separate myself from my tutorials but later backed away from the idea.

Overall, this series is probably one of the funniest parody series I've done; if you like video games and vulgarity. But then again, all my cartoons seem to have video game references and swears o' plenty.