Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.

I Am Ahoyager

I Am Ahoyager is the 6th Flash series I produced, coming about a year after the premiere of Enterprise: Flashed. The series stars a more serious Captain Pakaday as she wakes up on a mysterious planet with no knowledge of how she got there.

The series was meant to be a sequel/reboot of Ahoyager: The Journey Home, which animated three years prior. The idea was to take it further from Trek and create a more original universe with emotionally engaging characters.

I created this series during a time when I was going through a deep depression. My uncle pitched the original concept to me and we started to build from there. There was some conflict with our ideas, and at the time I found it annoying. But now I realize he did all of that to help me get back on a creative path. And even though this series didn’t go very far, it helped me out of the darkness.

The series is only three episodes long. It was planned to be a vast sprawling sci-fi adventure. The weird thing about it is each episode was made a year apart. I simply couldn’t stick with it and due to this sporadic schedule, my interest waned.

It’s also not my best work. It was an awkward time for both animation and writing for me. But it is interesting to compare it to the original Ahoyager.