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Enhancing Cartoon Scenes in After Effects

Enhancing Cartoon Scenes in After Effects


Released: Sept 2018
Publisher: Udemy
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With After Effects, you can go into your animated cartoons and add  visual flare, even if your scene in a different software. If you're an animator looking to add some neat effects to help visual fidelity, then this course is for you!

While Moho is used to create the animation showcased, these methods can be applied to any animation software, just as long as you're able to export out layers separately.

More specifically, In this course we will:

  • Take a scene from Moho, properly export it for After Effects editing

  • Arrange a 3D scene using a 2D workspace

  • Add depth of field with manual blurring

  • Create blooms are glows for excitement

  • Integrate additional particles through our Moho/After Effects workflow

  • Add final touches like heat waves and auto motion blur