Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.

Bubba Has a Gun

Bubba Has a Gun is the second Flash cartoon series I animated, coming the same year as Mr. Binkee's Class.

The series follows an obese fast food worker who is at odds with all aspects of life. He has a wife, an infant daughter and a step son (who he treats like shit). He has a weird unexplained rivalry with Bill Clinton (who is apparently President again in 2002) and has an obsession with fried chicken.

Even with the zaniness, like Mr. Binkee's Class, to say some of this isn't based on real stuff would be a lie.

The quality of the cartoon is bad. I was still learning the basics of Flash and the stories range from mildly amusing to really weird. There was a time where I removed this series from the public because I thought it was too inside with its jokes. And asthetically it's sore on the eyes.

But, once again, I am at a point in my life where I find a different kind of humor in these old cartoons. There's something here that I can no longer tap. A weird manic energy with stupid plot lines and bad artwork. Trying to go back to that 15 year old mentality today wouldn't work.

So, all I can do is preserve what I did and burden you with the task of watching it.