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Weekly Update: Toon Files' New Look

It’s been a busy couple weeks as I have been working to revamp the Toon Files website to be easier to navigate. I ended up skipping last week’s update because I didn’t really have much to say. I wanted to get the site done before writing about it. Not to mention I skipped the free tutorial last week. Shame on me.

The biggest change to the site comes with the file packs. Originally when I launched Toon Files I had every asset for sale individually. It wasn’t a great way to sell the items. I tried to restructure them into one large pack but that ended up being confusing. So now I have once again redistributed the files, this time into four packs: Abstract Backgrounds, Cartoon Scenes, Cartoon Textures and Cartoon Props. In total there are over 150 files and the plan is to add more monthly, in addition to recording course content.


Unfortunately, all this focus on the site means Benik is still trapped in the bottomless ass. Don’t worry, I plan to get him out. May not happen until late October, maybe early November.

And while I skipped last week, I did release a new free tutorial today. This time another preview from the Moho 13 Bitmap course. I’ll embed it below:

Chad Troftgruben