Freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Adobe products.


New Toon Files Courses and Backgrounds!

We have some new courses coming this month! These are currently listed for pre-release on Toon Files, in case you're interested. First up is Building Image Based Backgrounds in Moho Pro. By using a combination of 3D elements, Moho tools, textures and Photoshop filters, you will learn how to build three variations of an image based background to prepare you for your own animated works. More info will be posted in the coming days and the course launches February 8th! You can check out the preorder page by clicking here. Clicking that link also gives you 40% off ;)


The next course is all about character design: Drawing Adorable Animals in Procreate. This course is a joint venture between Jimmy Mills and myself. He's going to draw, I'm going to narrate. It's going to be fun (and educational)! Check out the images of what we plan to draw on the product page. More info (as well as price) will be updated soon. The course is planned to release near the end of February.


I have also uploaded five new backgrounds that can be downloaded, edited, and utilized in any design or animation project


Phew, I think that's it for this update! Thanks for reading and supporting our service! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Chad Troftgruben