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Animate CC Animating Walk Cycles

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Animate CC Animating Walk Cycles

Released: May 2016
Publisher: Amazon
Availability: Kindle (

Mastering the art of the walk cycle is one of the most important elements of animation. The good news is once you make a cartoon character walk, animating other actions becomes easier!

This book aims to take your from start to finish on assembling a convincing walk cycle of moderate speed in Animate CC. But more importantly, you get to animate a brain eating zombie. Pretty cool, right?

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Setup a custom workspace for a streamlined workflow
  • Identify key poses and assign them based on frame rate
  • Use guides to control your character’s stride
  • Create a bobbing motion to emulate shifting weight
  • Properly animate feet
  • Connect your knees and ankles to moving feet
  • Create complementary actions for both hands and arms
  • Add drag for realism
  • Animate a blink to compliment actions
  • Move a character
  • Create grounded footsteps for polish

The book comes with exercise files for you to watch and dissect.  The Animate Project files require the latest update of Animate CC to be opened.

This book is only available on Amazon’s Kindle Market.  Read the book on your computer, tablet or phone!  Learning animation has never been easier!