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Animate CC Animating Dialogue

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Animate CC Animating Dialogue

Released: June 2016
Publisher: Amazon
Availability: Kindle (

Having a mouth move to a voice is just one step in animating a talking character. If you have a lot of dialogue in your cartoon, is there a way to add excitement? Animating a character’s body, head and eyes is a great way and you will learn how to do it in this book!
Building off of Animate CC: Lip Syncing, you will create key poses and use symbol manipulation to prepare a talking character for animation. This template can then be used in other animated works.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Setup a custom workspace for a streamlined workflow
  • Create gestures for body, head and arm movements based on a voice
  • Create blinks and pupil movements
  • Fix broken limbs and start frames
  • Polish up animations for export

The book comes with exercise files for you to watch and dissect. The Animate Project files require the latest update of Animate CC to be opened.