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Ahoyager: The Journey Home

Ahoyager: The Journey Home is a sort of parody of the mid-late 90’s TV classic: Star Trek: Voyager. It is the third animated series I produced.

The series we codeveloped with my uncle. I was a sophomore in high school when I became a Trekkie. It was a fascination we both shared.

My uncle and I both loved Voyager and an online comic strip called Sev Trek. These are the biggest inspirations for Ahoyager. Once the original concept was conceived, I took over the creative direction from there.

There are a lot of problems with this series. It’s supposed to be a parody yet it runs sort of like an original series. But all the familiar Trek sounds and images are a reminder of its origins.

Full story lines were never developed. Mainly my uncle and I would come up with funny ideas and then I would try to run those as full episodes. Due to my lack of experience, I wasn’t really able translate what we thought was funny over to the small screen effectively.

I tried shaking up the formula near the end by replacing Pakaday with William Shatner. It wasn’t the best idea. After that episode I moved on to Enterprise: Flashed for my parody fix.

I see Captain Pakaday as a female Kirk in many ways. Except she’s unattractive, a drunk, and a chain smoker. And a habitual liar. And she apparently lost two ships in one year according to the pilot episode.

As her rival Captain Pricard proclaims: Pakaday is an ignorant slut.

If you pay attention to Pakaday, there are laughs to he had. Everything else was pretty half baked.