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Ahoyager is a reboot of my 2003 series Ahoyager: The Journey Home. Unlike the 2003 series, the run is removed from Star Trek: Voyager, featuring a more original cast. Only three episodes were animated near the end of 2013 and at the beginning of 2014.

This series tried to go for shock humor, especially in the first two episodes. The idea was to make Pakaday into a Michael Scott. She’s not good with people and more often than not makes matters worse. The series was meant to mostly focus on her with BJ the Janitor cleaning up her mistakes. Basically he’s the most capable one on the ship while all the higher ups continually fuck things up.

I also made this series during a transition in my work. Jimmy Mills came onboard and helped with writing and rig polishing. This approach changed the feeling of the series compared to other works of mine from this time.

But the first two episodes really didn’t do what they were meant to do. They come off as sexist and racist, even though that is the point. It doesn’t feel genuine and only being utilized for shock. No greater point is ever driven home on the obstacle of a single person aging and dealing with that reality or how racial tensions still very much exist in our society.

The third episode is really what the series should have always been about: funny sci-fi scenarios that don’t have a deep message. This episode also proved Pakaday was not needed in this series. It should have always been the BJ and CJ Show.

The other characters felt a bit lifeless. Again, shock jokes took priority. I feel at this time I had something to prove publicly about who I was. I think I felt going harder with the jokes was a way of rebelling from the idea that I was a squeaky clean tutorial guy. The problem was I went too hard one way and didn’t allow the characters to rebound back. Ahoyager was all about learning narrative for me. At least it gives us a good weed-centric episode.