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After Effects CC Puppet Pin Walk Cycles

After Effects CC Puppet Pin Walk Cycles Cover

Animate CC Animating Dialogue

Released: July 2017
Publisher: Amazon
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New to After Effects or animation? Don't worry, this book is for you! There are countless ways to approach cartoon animation in After Effects. Yet, there are certain fundamentals needed to make the process of animating and exploring easier.

That’s where this book comes in! Animating walk cycles is a subject that's covered a lot. There’s a reason for that: mastering the art of a walk cycle can open avenues to other techniques. It’s one of the simplest actions, yet it teaches so much about moving limbs and creating weight.

After Effects is a versatile piece of software. There are many tools that vary in pros and cons. But the Puppet Pin Tool can cover many tasks. And that is the tool we will be working with throughout this book.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Separate out a character in Photoshop
  • Rig in After Effects with the Puppet Pin Tool
  • Create poses for a walk cycle
  • Loop the walk cycle
  • Add the walk cycle to a scene

The book comes with a coupon code so you to get the exercise files for free!